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Steps to Transfer

Steps to Transfer to Christian Embassy
from Another Cru Ministry

Step 1: Discuss desire to transfer with immediate supervisor and HR Representative.

Step 2: Explore other ministry opportunities.  Your HR Representative is available to assist you.

Step 3: Provide the following to HR Representative: (if a couple is transferring, the following applies to both husband and wife).

• Staff Transfer Request, including knowledge, skills and abilities page, and spouse inventory
• Resume – if available
• Most recent Performance Appraisal

Step 4: HR Representative will gather references from supervisor and co-workers (if a couple, for both husband and wife)

Step 5: Final decision made and HR confirms decision with sending and receiving ministries.

• HR Representative will consult supervisor regarding suitability and timing of transfer.
• MPD must be adequate enough for staff to begin ministry at new placement.  This could hinder or delay transfer approval, allowing time for improvement in staff support.

Step 6: Administrative Change of Status Form  - Completed by sending ministry Human Resources.