Virtual Fall Welcome Coffee

Christian Embassy
for our

Virtual Fall Welcome Coffee
For ambassador and wives of ambassadors and diplomats

Thursday, October 22, 2020
9:45 – 11:30 am

Virtual Zoom Event

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Event Details:

You are cordially invited to a virtual Zoom coffee for women ambassadors, and wives of ambassadors and diplomats. Together we will learn how to “Find Calm in Life’s Crises” with Debby Thompson. Whether you are new to the diplomatic corps or have been here for a number of years, we welcome you! This event is hosted for your enjoyment by Christian Embassy. We are a non-political, inter-denominational organization serving as a spiritual resource to international diplomats, U.S. government and military officials in Washington and in other capitals of the world.

Host Committee:
Priscilla Mutembwa – Zimbabwe
Isabel Dos Santos – Mozambique
Esther Etoundi – Cameroon
Jean Nsofor – Nigeria
Lydia Maja – Lesotho
Mary Juan Philimon – South Sudan
Narine Malkhasyan – Armenia
Caroline Kayo – Papua New Guinea
Angela Widowati – Indonesia
Jade Ching – Singapore
Rossana Amarilla – Paraguay
EunYoung Ahn – Korea
and Christian Embassy

Keynote Speaker:

Join us as Debby Thompson shares how she has sought to navigate the new normal brought on by the pandemic and found strength through trusted relationships.   Debby and her husband, Larry, spent 33 years living and working in Eastern European and serving as a spiritual resource to leaders from Vienna to Vladivostok.

Now living near Cincinnati, Ohio, Debby travels the globe with her husband mentoring athletes and their families.  A grandmother of six, she is also a speaker, an award-winning author, and trusted counsel for women around the world. She has found faith to be an indispensable part of her journey.


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