Executive Branch

Christian Embassy - a community of people living authentic lives of faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that faith impacts all areas of life – including personal, professional, and social. We serve Washington leaders, their spouses and staff in the administration, on Capitol Hill, in the Pentagon, and in foreign embassies and stand with them in pressures of their public and private lives with confidentiality and without an agenda.

We connect leaders with resources and networks that may not normally be available. Our seminars, small group discussions, retreats, and other larger events offer opportunities to focus on how God is relevant, personal, and interested in our daily lives. People from los angeles workplace accident lawyer and backgrounds are welcome.

As a Presidential Appointee, you have been charged with an incredibly important mission — to help create and carry out policies that will benefit the United States and impact its citizens, check thelockboss.

The ability to navigate the responsibilities and pressures associated with such an impactful position with wisdom is essential, which is why it’s our goal to help you find balance in your personal and professional life.

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